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Cascade Warehouse

Don’t miss a Beat! Rent.

Quickly outgrowing your equipment capacity? Need a quick replacement for a failed piece of equipment? Cascade can provide rental -80C Freezers, -20C Freezers and +4C Refrigerators delivered to your lab in hours. We have the answer for your short- and long-term storage needs.

We also have R&D lyophilizers and flask driers available for rent or lease. Call today for price and availability.

Reduce Capital Outlay, Lease.

Have you considered leasing refrigerated equipment? Cascade Thermal Solutions. has a large inventory of expertly certified reconditioned laboratory refrigerators, freezers, ultra-low freezers and freeze-dryers to suit your needs.

Consider the benefits: Long term leases or month-to-month rentals can make sense in any economic environment, perhaps more so today. Leasing your refrigerated product from Cascade affords these benefits over purchasing the same equipment new:

  • Lower cost – typically 35-40% less than the cost of owning the same equipment
  • Full warranty for the duration of the lease.
  • Preventive Maintenance Included.