Cascade Thermal Solutions

Laboratory Equipment Service, Sales, & Installation.
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Cascade installs the following types of equipment:

  • Ultra low temperature freezers
  • Laboratory freezers, refrigerators, growth chambers, blood bank coolers
  • Lyophilizers (freeze dryers), -from flask dryers to pilot lyophilizers to large production lyophilizers
  • Incubators (CO2, multi-gas, refrigerated and water-jacketed)
  • Process chillers (for lasers, LCMSs, NMRs, etc.) and larger applications
  • Cold rooms
  • Environmental rooms (constant temperature and humidity, hot and cold)
  • Environmental test chambers and rooms (variable temperature and humidity)
  • Thermal shock and vibratory test chambers (HALT)
  • LN2 dewar and cryo storage units
  • Vacuum pumps (rotary vane type)

In addition, we provide construction and engineering solutions for:

  • Cold rooms (constant temperatures of +4, -20, -40, or -50 deg C )
  • Warm rooms (constant temperature range of 15 deg C to 60 deg C)
  • Environmental rooms (constant temperature and humidity)
  • Environmental test chamber room (variable temperature or temperature and humidity)
  • Custom process control for lyophilizers and other environmentally controlled systems