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Restoration through freeze drying is now easily available through Cascade Thermal Solutions.  This service is a cost effective solution for reclaiming your water-damaged documents and objects.

What Can be Freeze Dried?

Natural fibers respond best to freeze drying but many other materials respond well too. Nearly anything can be successfully freeze dried as a part of a full restoration process. These materials include:

  • PAPER material such as books, documents, manuscripts, parchments, lab notebooks, medical records, etc.
  • FILM, x-rays, photos, & microfilm
  • LEATHER and velum binding
  • ANIMAL FIBERS such as leather, hair, skin, feathers.
  • TEXTILES, tapestries
  • ARTIFACTS and art objects

What are The Benefits?

  • Pages of books and documents will not stick together or ‘block.’ After drying, the pages will separate easily and can be used normally.
  • Minimal handling is required and the process is gentle, minimizing the possible damage to fragile items.
  • Organized, wet material can be freeze dried as-is; there is no need to spread out and re-catalog each page. This saves on labor costs and reduces further damage due to over-handling.
  • Muddy or soiled material can be rinsed with water prior to drying.
  • Freeze drying is widely recognized as the preferred and best method for drying a wide range of material.

How Long Does The Freeze Drying Process Take?

Depending on the material amount, type, and the level of moisture saturation, it can take from 3 to 14 days to complete a freeze drying cycle. Wet Material can be frozen indefinitely until the decision to freeze dry has been made. Cascade can provide secure cold storage necessary for a nominal fee.

Set Up Service

We are available 24/7 to handle your questions and guide you through the process.   Arrange for a FREE training;  one of our freeze drying experts will train your staff on the proper handling, and packing of material to be freeze dried.  Contact us by email, or call us at (619) 562-8852.


Cost is determined by cubic feet of material for paper and books.  Economies of scale apply.  Please call to inquire about our rates.